It is fall now.
Being raised in the mono-season of Southern California, I really love living somewhere that has actual seasons. But let’s face it, is there anything more glorious than summer in Munich?
At one point this summer (maybe late June?) we spontaneously met some friends at the Flaucher Biergarten. Our kids were wild and happy tearing around in the Spielplatz cracked out on sugar from too many popsicles. We drank giant Weinschorles ate some of our own picnic food along with some biergarten fare. We chatted and schmoozed until dusk. Which at this point in the summer was around 9:00 p.m.
Time to head home. We all got on bikes and started the journey through the green park around Flaucher, onto the Brüdelmühlbrücke. People. Sitting on blankets chatting, on the river grilling. The whizzing of bikes, the hum and buzz of this lush, verdant city on a summer evening wash over me. We made our way down to the Isar Radlweg. Hollering this or that to one another as we rode, our kids waving and laughing at each other from across their respective cargo bike buckets.
As the ride picks of speed the whoosh of the wind and the trees surrounding us adds a layer of meditative calm to hum and buzz. On the river, bikes are EVERYWHERE, people are EVERYWHERE. The sun is setting, music is in the air, the vibe is good. It feels almost Utopian.
This is Peak Munich, I think to myself.
Featured Image from @snapshot_munich
Posted by:eleanormayrhofer

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