The Stijl Markt is coming back to town. Out of all of the market events that take place on the Praterinsel in Lehel, this one is my fave.

I’ve gotten a lot of cool things there over the years.

Like, this cool light bulb lamp sold to me by two charming young fellows from Licht Liebe.  It had a super neat-o bulb in it before my toddler knocked it over. (I now see after looking for the link to their site, that I can buy a new light bulb there too.) :Lamp purchased at Munich Stijl MarktThis pillow from Hook & Eye, which now resides on a little vintage sofa in said toddlers room:Pillow purchased at München Stijl MarktThis super warm, gigantic scarf from slow fashion Berlin-based label WiDDA. It really helped that it was a coooold fall day when we went. I bought it after looking it over for about one nano-second. No regrets, it’s been great this winter:Scarf purchased at the München Stijl Markt on the PraterinselThe cool weather also contributed to my purchase of this yummy cinnamon liqueur from Berlin outfit Freytag which specializes in liquers from plants:Liqueur purchased at the Munich Stijl MarktWhat I like most about the event is it’s focus on design and indie-businesses. The emphasis is on design but in a way that is accessible. It’s not one 4,000 Euro chair after another.

The DeStijl markt will be in Munich again this spring from March 9-10. A word of warning: It gets really crowded so consider yourself warned!

P.S. There are usually some good food trucks parked in the Hof too.

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