I’m going to dispense with the big mea culpa about not blogging for so long. We got a dog and had a baby (expect lots more about both of these things in subsequent posts). So yeah, hobby blogging kind of went out the window.

Having a kid and a dog has revealed so many new aspects of the city that I was completely unaware of in my decade plus of living here. It being summer right now, swimming holes and freibäder – especially ones that cater to kids are one of my current passions.

Case in point: the little creek in the Rosengarten. I suppose I noticed all the little kids splashing about there in my old life, but it never really registered. I was probably too busy hustling on over to Halle Zwei (which of course is no longer in Untergeising, but in Pasing).

It’s just a little south of the Shyrenbad – which I also like, but it can get a little too rough and tumble for my taste for smaller kids in the planchbecken there.

This little creek is a total (kiddie) scene in the summer and a popular destination for outdoor birthday parties. The stream is great for wading in. Metal chairs scattered around in the water are good for little hands to steady themselves on, and for bigger bottoms to sit on in the shade.

The ‘banks’ of the creeks are a little treacherous – that would be my only complaint. The side that is shady in the afternoon is small, dusty and on an incline with large rectangular rock/bench type things. Fine for kids around 3+ but a little difficult for toddlers to navigate, especially when they’re naked or half naked.

But overall this is a nice (and free!) place to cool off on a warm summer afternoon. It’s not quite as wild as a freibad but it does get packed starting at around 3 p.m.

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