I have a little book called ‘Wandern mit dem MVV’. It’s pocket size and the concept is simple. It’s a series of numbered scenic walks you can take in the surrounding areas of Munich starting at an S-Bahn station.











I’ve had the idea to go on all 40 walks listed in the book for awhile, the plan being this will become an occasional but regular series on this her blog. The inaugural walk took place in March of this year.

I went with a friend and we decided to do #24 which is about a 12km circle around Wolfratshausen.












The walk starts at the Icking S-Bahn station. It took us around 3 hours, with a pause in the middle for a Brezn and and some Obatzda.













The walk was pretty great. There were stunning vistas high above the Isar, as well as paths that led off the road practically through peoples back yards. The one above sported an impressive collection of bird feeders.













We also learned that the term ‘findling’ refers to a large rock. At least we assume it does. The guide instructed us to turn left at the ‘findling’ and ultimately the rock above was the only thing there that it could’ve been. No idea if these are naturally occurring or not.














Wolfratshausen is full of old country charm, and apparently used to be a big center of commerce along the Isar.













Here’s the spot where they assemble those big rafts that go down the Isar carrying oompah bands and merrymakers.

























Money Shot: The Ickinger Wehr.












As you can see the walk was gorgeous, and this was in early March. I imagine it must be spectacular when spring is in full throttle.

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