After living here so long it’s hard to discern what habits and rituals I’ve developed that are a direct result of residing in a certain place. I now realize that the I have absorbed the internal alarm setting, which goes off about mid-march to get my balcony flowers going.

It’s hard to ignore, every supermarket, drugstore and garden supply shop suddenly rolls out sidewalk stands full of planting soil, little pots of herbs and flowers.














I like this annual ritual, and it’s mixing of the urbane and the natural.

I’ve probably mentioned before on this blog that one of the things I disliked about growing up in L.A. was the lack of seasons. Acknowledging and celebrating spring by getting on my knees, filling pots with potting soil and watching seedlings grow is a habit I hope to keep for the rest of my life. I’m sure this wouldn’t have become a part of me if I hadn’t moved here.

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