If you’re ever wandering around on that stretch of Schellingstrasse just past Turkenstrasse and before Augustenstrasse where it’s a little dead, keep going to you come across Carta Pura.
It’s a full-service specialty paper shop that’s a pleasure just to be in. Even if it’s closed they’ve always got whimsical and clever window displays. As it says on their website:
Some people also pass by on Sundays. Although the shop is closed, you can have a look at the four large shop windows with their constantly renewed displays. Since about 18 years these arrangements are composed by our display artist in a humerous [sic] and idiosyncratic way, baroque and minimalistic, stringent and cheeky at the same time.
I took these quick snaps almost four (!) years ago, knowing I’d want to post about the shop someday. I’m glad I was digging around in my digital photo pile. I’m going to design and make confirmation invitations for my niece this year, and I’ll be heading over here to pick up the paper!
Posted by:eleanormayrhofer

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