It’s officially spring, even if we’re still battling hurricanes and snow flurries. That means it’s time for us to replace our dilapidated BBQ cover. Rather than get some dreary, grey plastic number, I was hoping to find some grease cloth with an upbeat pattern and have one made.
Alas, I have neither sewing machine, nor sewing talent, but I love gorgeous fabric and interesting patterns. I also know a great seamstress! So I was pulsing with inspiration and delight when I happened upon this fabric shop in Glockenbach. It’s full of interesting and out of the ordinary stoff, including imported fabrics from the U.S.
Look at these fabrics! LOOK AT THEM!


In the end my idea with the custom made BBQ cover proved to complicated, but I am in the process of re-imagining our bedroom. This process includes thinking about new bedding and I’ll be back poking around Roly Poly for inspiration, and I’m pretty sure yards and yards (or meters and meters) of cloth for a new duvet and pillow case set!


They’ve got a Facebook page too.
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