A few weeks ago I took a good girlfriend out to celebrate her birthday. I asked what kind of food she wanted (Asian) and then she told me to pick a place.

I have a list of places I want to try, but most of them are kind of imbiss-y. I also didn’t want to go to one of the neighborhoods I routinely choose when going out to eat (Haidhausen, Glockenbach, Schwabing). I wanted something new, something out of the ordinary, even if it meant taking a longer tram or Ubahn ride.

We’re currently planning a trip to Mexico so I’ve been using Trip Advisor a lot. So just for shits and giggles I went to the site and typed in ‘best Asian food in Munich’.  The first result was some totally high-end schickimiki joint with teeny portions on giant white plates (insert loud buzzer sound here). The second was a Thai restuarant in Milbertshofen(!) called Rhabiangthai. I checked out the website, it looked decent so we were off to the races.

As we approached a family was leaving and the mom was Asian (good sign!). The atmosphere was nice but easy and casual. It was full.

We started with some fried Tofu which was EXCELLENT. I want to go back and order five portions just as a main course. We ordered a couple of glasses of prosecco and they were filled to the prim (and Rhabiangthai scores another point!)

Here’s my friend Elyse. She asked if I’d take her picture so she could be on my blog. Here’s your fifteen minutes Elyse!

Our mains were also really good. Although Elyse’s wasn’t as spicy as she’d hoped, despite the three chili icon warning. We could only assume the proprietors were taking the sensitive German palate into account when designating spiciness levels on the menu.

I’ll definitely go back to this place and  I’m happy I’ve got a new Geheimtipp for the rare times that I find myself in the northern reaches of the city. It feels (and tastes) good to get out of my normal ‘perimeter’.

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