Last week I went on kind of a rant, so I thought I’d share some pretty pictures with you today.

 I got a new camera. It’s one of those jobs that you can click on to your iphone and control with an app. I’m not much of a natural photographer, but I’m pretty pleased with these.

 Now that I’m looking at the pix, I realize I should have actually bought and ate some of these berries.

A pretty wreath. My husband, whose a better photog, pointed out I should have closed in on a single berry for more contrast with the depth of field. Next time.

Oktoberfest is around the corner, time to bust out the hops!

There’s always room for wine and cheese…

Who was Ida Schumacher and why is this statue (occasionally adorned with flowers) dedicated to her? Turns out she was a Bavarian comedian and actress. All this time I assumed she was the first person to have a stand at the market…shows what I (don’t) know.

These homies. The Viktualienmarkt is full of small bands of local guys standing around drinking beer, sort of like a Stammtisch sans the Tisch. Note the cigarette packets placed safely out of harms way.

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2 replies on “Pretty Viktualienmarkt Pics

  1. When I see this much of berries, I immediately trying to recall some tastiest recipes of smoothies I know. It is summer know and what could be better than good old smoothies! About Statue, you think you don’t know something. Come on, I thought it was some relative of Michael Schumacher!! Like that time when I thought that EssayAgents review was a review on movie EssayAgents 😀

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