One of the reasons I started this blog was that I found myself repeatedly answering email queries from friends, family or colleagues about to visit Munich. What is there to do? Where should we eat?

As I got to know the city better, I also wanted to share the side of it that I had come to known by exploring so much of it on foot, and just living here day to day. I think  Munich is one of those cities you can drop into, explore Marienplatz and the Altstadt and get funneled into all the clichéd Bavarian sites (I’m looking at you, Hofbräuhaus). Which is unfortunate, because you’ll totally miss the true heart and vibe of this town.

A friend who is visiting with his family recently emailed me asking about some good places to go out on a date night with his wife. The irony of this request is that said friend is from München! However he left to study in the U.S. (he’s half American). We’ve sort of swapped lives a little bit: He lives in Los Angeles. I left L.A. when I was 18 and would also have to email someone to know where to go and get a good meal.

So anyway, here was my advice to an ex-Münchner:

Nice/Fancy/Romantic places:

Gold Loch in Haidhausen. Here’s a good article on it from the Süddeutsche Zeitung. Small menu, excellent wine selection, right across form Johanniskirche. Reserve ASAP and don’t let them put you in the Keller.

Upper Eat Side I haven’t been here yet, but it’s big on my list. Geising (Ober und Unter) is becoming the next hip place (because no one can afford to live anywhere else!) I think their deal is kind of ‘nose to tail’ emphasizing local Zutaten aus Bayern.

Gar Punkt This place is supposed to be excellent. Good wine, unsuspecting and kind of hidden in Obere Au, can be hard to get reservations.

Vinaiolo  Kind of old school, but very romantic and right next to Maria Passagne in case you want an Absacker.

Hip & Fun (but on the loud side):

Attentat Greischer Salat  Another Geising joint; crazy salads and lively atmosphere. I wrote about it here and here’s the Yelp review.

Spezlwirtschaft Hipster alpine food right in the middle of town. Was recently in the NYTimes. Live DJs and Rahmschmankerls among other items.

Hey Luigi I never get sick of this place, but it does get crowded/loud.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to make reservations. The M.U.C. Is a sleepy little town next to L.A. NYC and Berlin, I know; but it is impossible to get in anywhere spontaneously especially on the weekend.

Guten Apetit!

Image from Upper Eat Side Instagram feed.

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