People are starting to reach out to me now when they have Munich questions. A friend and colleague of my husbands had a few questions for a co-worker that’s relocating to Munich. I figure my answers may help just more than one person, so here they are.

Internations is a great resource. Full disclosure: I don’t really go to the events myself. I think it may be a little bit of singles scene – which can be great if your unattached. I would have been all over it ten years ago.  They also have a lot of group activities going on around lots of different interests, so there’s something for everyone.

Best German course I ever took was the the Unikurs für Auslander. I think InLingua and the Goethe Institut are also supposed to be good (but don’t know for sure). Try Tandem to meet people and take turns chit chatting in your native language and then German.

There’s a New in Munich Facebook Group and on the sidebar of this blog you’ll  find links to other English language Munich blogs. There’s also a ton of Meet-ups many of them English speaking.

Everybody knows about Toytown, but I’ll include that link just in case.


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