Wahlmünchnerin that is, not Hubert Dorn (but nice hat!)

The blog has been short-listed for a ‘Content für München’ award as part of the Isarnetz Münchner Web Woche. It’s an honor just to be nominated…but I play to win! So won’t you take a minute and vote for yours truly?

Here’s the link: https://www.quicksurveys.com/s/Cm2k3JH

Isarnetz - Münchner webwoche 2014

You don’t have to log in, or give your email or anything. Just scroll down to where it says ‘Eleanor Mayrhofer’ and then talks about how great I am.

If you need some nudging, I’ll remind you of all the good times we’ve shared with some of the posts you’ve loved the most (or, that I think are really good):

Now go vote!

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