A vivid memory from my early days in Munich:

I was in a Tengleman, still getting my bearings on how to grocery shop in DE, when a young, fashion forward woman walked past me in the aisle. The most striking thing about her was how she had mixed trendy clothes with a bright red Bavarian-style cape and was putting her groceries into a wicker basket. A street style little red riding hood.

Now that wasn’t something I’d seen before. Not in L.A., San Fran, London or any of the other places I’d lived in or traveled to.

It describes what I like to call ‘Bavarian’ or ‘Alpine’ chic. Adding traditional Bavarian clothing, accessories and lifestyle accents with modern or trendy pieces.

When done wrong it veers into unfortunate yodel-la-he-hoo territory, but when done right, it reveals a regional style that is truly unique and one that I have grown to love.

I hope some local street style photog starts documenting this (has someone? link in comments please!) My lack of photography skills will prevent me from ever taking it on.

The woman I snapped in the picture above was a regular, everyday Oma just getting her groceries at the farmers market. Unlike the woman I encountered in the Tengelman all those years ago, I doubt she was trying to make  any kind of fashion statement.

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