When we got married, my husband and I realized that we would have to have two weddings. One here in Munich and one in California. Otherwise, one wedding would have been more mine or more my husband’s based on people’s ability to travel.

I’m happy to tell you things have really changed when it comes to getting married here. It was such a challenge to find a photographer that wasn’t totally cheesy, or a dress that wasn’t a poofy Cinderella nightmare.

There were virtually no German wedding blogs. There were just these awful, generic wedding portal sites.  Now there’s Hochzeitswahn, Lieschen Heiratet, Verrückt nach Hochzeit and Fraulein K Sagt Ja (to name a few).  Each one of these blogs is bursting with original, personal content and incredible vendor listings.

My friend Nicola from Verrückt nach Hochzeit recently gave me a heads up about a wedding event taking place in town that is a genius idea. A wedding ‘flea market’ called ‘Etwas Altes’ (Something Old’).

If you’ve already gotten married you can rent a table and sell the ten thousand Weck jars, or candle holders or bud vases or even your wedding gown. Certainly better then letting all that stuff sit around to get moldy in your Keller.

After our California wedding I made multiple trips to the local Goodwill to donate all the Ikea blankets, menu holders, flower vases, picture frames and TONS of other stuff we bought for the big day.

I was happy to donate it all, but we did spend quite a bit of money on all that stuff (just a couple of weeks before!) and I wouldn’t have minded getting some of it back.

It would’ve also been nice not to have had to buy it new in the first place! So if you’re about to be a bride, you might want to check it out before you make endless rounds to Ikea or buy these things at some overpriced vendor.

So, you see, the whole thing is win-win!

Etwas Altes takes place at the PACT event center near Donnersbergerbrücke on Sunday, October 5, 2014 from 10:00 – 18:00

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