My birthday is coming up soon and I’m debating what to do, if anything (not a big birthday person.) One idea I’m toying with is to spend the day at the Blue Spa at the Bayerischer Hof.

 It’s a wellness center at the very top of the hotel, complete with steam baths, saunas, pool, chilling out rooms and, of course, a bar.

It’s a little schnösel-y but it’s not too bad and if you go during the week it can be a really nice way to pamper yourself while avoiding the crowds. Plus, I find that for a large, wealthy city Munich has surprisingly few day spas (how managed with such an oppressive situation over the years is a marvel!)

The innenarchitektur is pretty great and the views of Munich from the top are pretty stunning.

I can think of worse ways to spend a birthday.

Posted by:eleanormayrhofer

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