I love our Dropbox app feature which automatically uploads pictures on your phone into a ‘Camera Uploads’ folder. Now, when I have zero idea what to blog about, I can just scroll through the folder and find all the old pics I’ve taken of things that I planned to blog about someday.

Case in point this week Mitani: A great little family-run Japanese restaurant in Haidhausen. I took these pictures two(!) years ago! But I remember that lunch like it was yesterday.

Mitani’s claim to fame is it’s weekday lunch menu, which is incredibly reasonable, and the food is pretty darn good. I had the Japanese fried chicken shown in the pic above. I still dream about it today.

A friend ordered some Sashimi and Maki. I’m not a big Sashimi eater, but from what she told me it was tasty. We were a group (around six, I think) and they put us in a small room in the back. Something to consider if you want to go there for a birthday or a small dinner group event.

Here’s the inside of the main dining room. It won’t win any design prizes, but with food and price like theirs, it’s not necessary (not to mention refreshingly unpretentious!)

Rablstraße 45
81669 München

089 4489526

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