A lot of new car share services are popping up these days: Drive Now, Flinkster, ZebraMobil et al. I would just like to send a shout out to the o.g. car share program in MUC: Statt Auto.

We’ve used these trusty autos for years (with only one incident when someone didn’t bring it back on time.) What I like about the service is that it’s very community-based. You have to come in for a quick interview, it’s non-profit and there are stations all over town. There’s a station right behind our building, we probably couldn’t find a better parking space if we had a car!

At any given time you may see me and my husband touring the great countryside of dieses Land in AL10, our stamm Statt Auto, a litte red Toyota Aygo or Elefanten Rollschuhe (elephant rollers kate) as my husband likes to call it; Or a knutschkugel (a makeout ball) as my
German family calls it whenever we roll into town.

We are fans of not owning things and minimizing overhead. A car falls into that category. I also have a personal rule that I won’t live anywhere where I have to have a car. Obvi Munich fits the bill, but Statt Auto makes it that much easier.

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