After an atrocious excuse for a spring, summer came on in Bavaria with a vengeance. It’s been glorious. The simple fact is, when the weather warms up, Munich really shines. After enjoying a weekend at Schliersee a Canadian friend pointed out “The infrastructure is all here, so when the weather gets good everything’s ready to go”

Indeed. Some of that infrastructure is natural infrastructure. The various rivers, lakes and forests that make up Bavaria in all of it’s lush bounty. We soaked some of it early in August by taking a Fluss Fahrt (river tour) in a blow up boat (just €40 at Aldi. You were right sweetie, we did put it to good use!) down the Alz.

It was news to me that there were other rivers around besides the Isar. This particular one feeds into the Inn but starts (ends?) at the Chiemsee. Not sure if I have that right, but it doesn’t matter. Main thing is it’s a great river to float along on, splash around in and make periodic swimming hole stops on a really, really hot day.

These industrious river-goers had a raft with a bierbank and umbrella on it, and like everyone else, were floating merrily, merrily, merrily gently down the stream (river).

Lest you forget you’re in Bavaria, you’ll likely pass by a pasture full of cows at some point.

If someone suggests getting a load of beers and then floating down a river somewhere, don’t hesitate. Do it. It’s these kinds of outings that underscore why Munich always ranks in the top ten of quality of life indices…and make you feel like you’re in one of those Löwenbräu ads.

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