I’ve written about my friend Jassi before, she gave me this excellent birthday present where she shared her homegrown recommendations of her favorite München spots.

Over the last several months, we’ve bonded over the idea of each having some kind of space. A shop, a space for workshops, just somewhere to call our own and pursue our creative interests.

I surprised even myself by how excited I was when she told me late last spring that she had took the plunge and leased a space. It’s called ‘Glücksmaid’ which (I think!) sort of means ‘Happy Mädel’ in Bavarian. You will be a happy Mädel if you spend any time in the gorgeous environment she’s created.

The idea is to offer wellness treatments (Jassi is a masseuse) as well as a space to rent for workshops or seminars. The absolute ‘killer feature’ of the space is a huge terrace shaded by a ivy-covered beautiful tree.

You can hang out up there and chat, drink your tea or just bliss out after a massage.

When I get around to writing the ‘Octoberfest-haters guide to Octoberfest’ post that’s been rattling around in my head for years, Glücksmaid will definitely be on the list. It’s right off of Lindwurmstrassse (veer off at the chicken place on the way to the Festwiese.) I can imagine it will be a welcome place of respite for many a mädel who has had too much bier and bratwurst, and just want’s to loosen her Dirndl and chill awhile.

This Saturday, August 3rd she’s hosting a ‘Tag der Offene Tür’ from 9:00 – 15:00 uhr. There will be cold drinks and door prizes!

You can get more deets at the Glücksmaid Facebook Page.

Adlzreiterstr. 3 – 80337 München (In the Rückgebäude!)
089 925 86 909

Photos by Severin Schwieger

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