Last weekend was the highlight of my summer so far.

Have you heard of the Hofflohmärkte? It’s the equivalent of what we in the US would call a ‘Garage Sale’. The difference between a Hofflohmarkt and a Garage Sale is that the former is coordinated and organized by neighborhood. On one or two glorious days you can march all over a particular neighborhood, and it’s open season. Any building with balloons hanging by the door promises undiscovered treasures, usually costing around two Euros.

I only realized that the Glockenbach Hofflohmarkt was taking place when I overheard the neighbors in my own Hof talking about it as I was sitting on our Patio enjoying my morning coffee. I sprang up from my seat, got on the internet and saw that, indeed, the Glockenbach Hofflohmarkt was gehen los in about an hour. I threw on some clothes, grabbed two of the biggest tote bags I could find and bounded out the door.

The weather was fantastic, Münchners were out in force and the stimmung was gut:
















Not only was there great loot to be purchased, it was also fun to see the different ways that some of the buildings maintained their Hof.

These guys cleverly hung all their bikes along the ceiling of the entry way:














This Hof had a faux tropical bar with a wood burning out door stove, and someone had also fashioned a make shift coffee stand out of their garage space:






















I especially appreciated the gastronomical aspect of the märkte. In the Hofe that I visited the following was on offer: Ginger-Lime Lemonade, Waffles, Cakes, Brownies, Muffins, Coffee, Prosecco, Popcorn and even Cevapici. I didn’t make it to every hof (but lord knows I tried!) so there was probably even more good stuff that I missed.













Find out when there’ll be a Hofflohmarkt or Gartenmarkt in your neighborhood here.

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3 replies on “Glockenbach Hofflohmarkt

  1. I need to get in on aomsehting like this. Also, loving your Genglish: 'the Stimmung was good'; 'was gehen los', LOL! Totally how we talk around our house! =D

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