I’ve written before about the need for co-working spaces or membership clubs in München (remember this?). In April, I had the chance to go to one; Combinat 56 (which I first found out about in that Jetzt.de article). Combinat 56 offers desk rentals, as well as conference space options.

It’s a bit far away from where I live but luckily, I participated in a BLOGST workshop last April, so I got to finally check out.

Since it was a workshop on the weekend, it wasn’t really ‘office hours’ so I couldn’t get a feel for the everyday vibe. Although from the pictures in the kitchen and around the space it seemed like they have a pretty good community going.

Unlike any of the other places I’ve been slowly finding out about, an effort was made at infusing the place with some character, check out this cute meeting space below:

I still haven’t found what I’m looking for, though. Which is a creative collaborative space (rather than just straight co-working) something along the lines of Make Shift Society in San Francisco.

Anyone ever spend a day or more working at Combinat 56? How was it?

P.S. If you’re a self-employed creative person (designer, artist, writer, journalist, blogger, architect, illustrator, etc.) in Munich and interested in meeting like-minded people to share a space for  community, collaboration (and working) check out the group I’ve started on Facebook.

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