Last Freitag, right before the ‘Super Moon’ (which was totally rained out the next day, boo!) I met a girlfriend for dinner in Haidhausen. The night was warm, not quite balmy but still summery. Since we stuffed ourselves full of pizza and prosecco, we opted to skip the tiramisu course and take a stroll the neighborhood.

The pic above was the view I had from seat at the pizza place where we ate. I kept expecting an elegant woman in an envening gown to stroll out onto that balcony and survey the city. How I’d like to get a blick of the view from up there.

 Something big was going on at Paros, complete with a stretch Limo parked in front.

 I liked how eerie the Haidhausen Museum looked lit by this old-timey street lamp.

 No gelato for you, fatty!

That glowing orb is not a street lamp, it’s the moon. This Instagram photo just doesn’t do it any justice!

The summery vibe on the street prompted even super ‘secret’ Maria Pasagne to reveal itself for all to see; sans doorbell and velvet rope.

Rows and rows of Aperol at the ready at Vinaiolo

candles! Candles! CANDLES! were all over this place

And this! This surprise discovery, Chez Fritz. A french brasserie which replaces the appropriately named ‘Piu’ (as in P.U.) a really mediocre restaurant that didn’t deserve this prime spot at Preysingplatz.

The (friendly!) new owners have done a bang-up job fixing it up, with cute outdoor tables and a snazzy interior. It’s not cheap (Hauptgangs €25+) but it goes on the list for a special night out. They were standing outside, encouraging us to take a look around and stay. When we commented on the name he explained that’s what the French call the Germans; ‘Fritz’. Sort of how the American’s are called ‘Charlie’. Who knew!?!

Oh Haidhausen.

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