Last week I found an oasis, a respite from my ongoing search for Mexican food in Munich. That Oasis is La Taqueria Milagros.

I have been to Milagros near Viktualienmarkt a couple of times (I’m guessing the owner is the same), and to be honest I wasn’t really feelin’ it (although I have several friends who love it.) So I kept expectations to a minimum.

One thing I appreciated before even eating anything is that they made a real effort with the design of the space. I have been composing a ranty post about what a wasteland Zweibrückenstr. is.
A prime stretch of the city cluttered mostly with establishments wholly lacking in imagination! (do we really need another discount bakery? crappy Chinese restaurant, or Döner place?)

La Milagro Taqueria has broken the cycle of boring chains with a unique, inviting and thoughtful space.

On to the food.

I didn’t want to overwhelm myself, so I started with something simple: two Pork Pibil soft tacos. One with salsa, one without.

Yep, this was a proper taco, alright. Nicely flavored pork with pickled onions. I preferred it with the salsa which was fresh and tasty.  I sat, appreciating the scenery and letting the mix of flavors that remind me of my Californian roots wash down my gullet.

I can’t wait to go back for another round, and I encourage you to do so too. We need to encourage these kinds of businesses by helping them thrive!

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3 replies on “Foodie Freitag: La Taqueria Milagros

  1. Oh wow, I'm thrilled with this post! We'll be stopping in Munich later this summer and I'm going to see if we can squeeze this stop in. Our area of Germany has the worst 'Mexican' food ever, so I totally know what you mean -I went to high school in Davis, CA and even in N.Cal you get decent Mexican food! 😉

  2. Hey cool! The owner is actually from SF, and my sister went to Davis. And I remind you that OF COURSE you can get good Mexican food in Norcal. The burrito was invented in California during the gold rush 🙂

  3. I've also tried this spot and while I was impressed with the interior design I only found the food to be 'meh' and my margarita was terrible. Maybe it was a bad day?Have you tried El Gordo Loco? This is our favorite spot and while it's possible I've forgotten the taste of real Mexican I actually have thought that this might be the best Mexican I've ever had. And I'm coming from San Diego. Turns out the chef is from Tijuana! Freshly made tortillas and everything!

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