Awhile ago I dropped into a Knit Nite that was being held at a place I’d never heard of before: Sieben Machen. 

When I got there, I was intrigued. In Obergeising (I think Ober-Au/Geising , Untergeising  along with Westend and Sendling are the most ‘up and coming’ MUC neighborhoods) it’s a cute little storefront shared by seven women; thus the name ‘Sieben’ machen.

The storefront is a combination Atlelier, gemeinschaftbüro, shop and event space. Right on! Munich needs so much more of these kinds of places.

I met Stephanie from Krambeutel when I took a BLOGST workshop last April and got to talk to her more about the space. I’d been thinking about putting on an e.m.papers Weihnachts paper workshop sometime in November and was wondering where I could host it (stay tuned.) Stephanie gave me the deets about how it works, and it sounds perfect.

Here’s a list of the sieben that are machen:
Demoiselle Libellule
ansteckend anders
Pauline unterwegs
Les unterwegs

They host courses, Etsy events and a lot of other stuff, you should definitely check it out.

Photos by Beatrix Rautenberg of Demoiselle Libellule

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