It’s true that the best gifts are personal. For my birthday (a few months ago) My friend Jassi, a real Munchner Kindl gave me a truly incredible gift. A sweet little Notizbuch für München Landmark Notes, Arts, crafts and Coffee in Munich (which incidentally, the publisher of reached out to me about a few weeks later. Funny the things you start getting when you start a blog)

The book is great, but the real treat is the list of her favorite München spots. She wrote down the following places below, on a sweetly trimmed peice of kraft paper. Gold, I tell you, pure gold!

I was pleased to see I knew several of the places, and even more delighted to see a bunch I’d never even heard of. Here’s the run down:

Gerdismänner – Super cool vintage antique shop near Sendlinger Tor (there is also a cool bottle store near by)
Conway’s Recycle Art – Shabby Chic store on the border of Au and the increasingly hip (in my estimation) Untergeising
Func Feldafing – Oh. My. God. and look at their Pinterest boards! Following.

Josefa – I actually wrote about this in the Design*Sponge Munich Guide
Cafe SchöntagThis article gives a better overview.
Gartensalon – Make sure to go here on a sunny day, next time I’m in Schwabing.
Das Neue Kubitschek – Fuck the Backmischung! Good cake. Also hit it in the D*S Guide.
Goldene Bar – I have been here, and it is definitely a cool bar. Have to remember this as a good mid-way meeting point  bar for friends that live in Schwabing.
Cafe Kosmos – I’ve walked by it, thought ‘That place looks cool’ and my immediate following thought was ‘I may be too old.’
Kaffee Sonnenschein – In Geising!
Pavesi Picknic – Yummy looking healthy place on Turkenstr.
Charlie – Vietnamese place with Hotpots. Across from the Scheryenbad.
Wash & Coffee – Looks like BrainWash in SF. (but maybe a little less charming and cool.) Fortunately I have a washing machine, so may never make it over here.
Hoover & Floyd – LOVE this place! So much so we had our wedding day lunch there.
Maria Passagne – Another favorite that I don’t get to enough. A Secret bar in Haidhausen. Also wrote about it in the D*S Guide.
Die Blaue Donau – Never even heard of it, but looks great.
Hotel Achterbahn – Definitely going on my list for visiting out-of-towners (in non-Oktoberfest season, though)
Hotel Ritzi – Ritzi indeed! Met a friend for dinner here years ago, I remember it being nice. Also goes on the out-of-towner hotel recommendation list.
Bar Centrale – A München classic. Also included in the D*S guide.

So after going through this list, the places I want to hit in the near future, which I’ve never tried, in this order are:

  • Die Blaue Donau
  • Pavesi Picknic
  • Kaffee Sonnenschein
  • Cafe Schöntag
  • Cafe Kosmos
  • Fund Feldafing

The places I want to go back to soon because I love them and want to document in this notebook are:

  • Maria Passagne
  • Goldene Bar
  • Bar Centrale

What does it mean that they are all bars?
Stay tuned for reports!

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2 replies on “Birthday Loot – Jassi’s Munich Picks

  1. This is great! My husband and I are headed to Germany for 3 weeks in June. Munich is our last stop and I cannot wait to try out some of these great places!LOVE

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