One of the earliest posts on this blog was about where to get a good steak in Munich. It was supposed to be the start of a round-up. I think round-up’s are going to take about 3-4 years here on Wahlmünchnerin, but no matter.

Last Friday night, my husband and I had the perfect date night. It was perfect because we didn’t really plan it as a date night (because, how lame) and it was just one of those evenings when things kind of unfolded easily and everything was perfect.

Mr. Wahlmünchner needed a new jacket. I said I didn’t have time to go looking, and when he said he understood and that he’d just find one on his own (which was really a subtle threat) I sprang to action:

“Let’s meet at Beck’s at 6:30, Friday after work”

Ludwig had nothing on offer except a host of crappy schnösel faux aviator looking jackets. We ended up in Muji in the Funf Höfe, which didn’t disappoint.

After finding a no-frills, no brand name black spring jacket (and a few goodies for me), we hoofed on over to Tobacco. 

Tobacco has been suggested multiple times when I’ve made inquiries about finding a good steak. Since it was um the ecke from our shopping, I made a reservation earlier that day. I knew we would need a drink and a slab of meat after trying on all those jackets.

It’s a dark wood and leather, classic bar-keeper kind of place. That’s not typically my kind of thing, but the service was great, and the vibe was laid back but hopping. And the steak. I had a filet which was excellent with a really nice mix of braised vegetables. My husband had an Entrecote with the most salty, succulent, ridiculous border of perfectly crisped fat around it. Good goddamn, was it lecker.

We washed it all down with a nice Babera and a perfect Whisky Sour.

Go there, it’s good.

Bar Tabacco
On a little side-street right across from the Bayerische Hof

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4 replies on “Cocktails and Steak at Bar Tabacco

  1. Oh this looks cool!I haven't found a decent steak in Munich until now either, but I've found that buying (expensive) American steaks from Edeka and allowing my boyfriend to work his magic is the best. With potato gratin and a salad, boom.I might have to give this place a try

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