Munich Travel Tips

My Dad emailed me this short video the other day. Ironically it had to land all the way over to him in California and then back to me here in the M.U.C. in order for me to find about about two places I’ve never been to.

Sama Sama – Which, among other delights, creates super tricked out Pralines and other amazing sweets(I’ll have to remember this for gifts)

Zwickl – I’ve walked by this place a thousand times. Frankly, there are so many, many Bavarian Wirtshauses here they blend in with the scenery and rarely do I get the impulse to peek in for a closer look. Although the last time I walked by at night, I did notice that it was pretty hopping, and had a more contemporary, less ‘yodelayheehoo’ vibe than usual. Vegetarian Pflanzerl? I’ll be stopping by soon.

A side note: I have really tried to get into Deutsche Welle programming. I appreciate that they broadcast content in 30 languages, but sorry the tone is just so stiff (surprise!). PBS or BBC it is not. Inject a little personality, guys! Mensch.

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