Hoover & Floyd, München

This is going to be an image heavy post, but you’ll enjoy it.  I’ve had a post about Hoover & Floyd in the backlog for some time now.

Hoover & Floyd, Glockenbach, München

Hoover and Floyd, Munich, Germany

This is a great little (and I mean little) cafe in the Glockenbachviertel, but it feels more like an Oma’s cozy, Alpine-chic-funky living room. The main room has a large dining room table and there is a smaller room off to the side, complete with gold brocade wall paper and a couple of two top tables.

My first vist was a zillion years ago for a friends birthday party who rented it out for a small geschlossene gesellschaft (private party) birthday celebration. I remember sitting around the table enjoying glass after glass of Prosecco and eating really good, freshly grilled paninis that were served heaping on artisinal-Italian looking platters. Excellent.

Years later when my husband and I were looking for somewhere to host a brunch after our Standesamt (civil wedding) ceremony, I remembered this place. It would be perfect. We met with the owner, a warm, slightly offbeat lady who put together a really nice lunch for us. Paninis, coconut pumpkin soup, goat cheese, honey and red pepper canapes. It was lovely.

Hoover and Floyd, Glockenbach, Munich Hoover und Floyd, Glockenbach, München
Hoover & Floyd, Glockenbach, München

If you’re ever looking for a place to host a small, private celebration or just want a quiet afternoon coffee or cocktail, I can’t recommend this place enough.


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One thought on “Hoover & Floyd

  1. The fact that they have a Schneider Weisse sign out front tells me all I need to know about them. 😉 Looks like a very cute place though!

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