Wallet From Antonetty in Munich

This  Christmas Mr. Wahlmünchnerin (or should I say Wahlmünchner) gave me a fantastic gift. It was wonderful for many reasons. It was something I’ve been wanting for awhile, but had forgotten about. Since it was a gift, it took all the agony out of the style/color decision making, and most of all it adds to my Münchner street cred. I’m talking about my new Antonetty wallet of course!

As I wrote in the Design*Sponge Munich City Guide:

Owning one of Antonetty’s hip, colorful leather wallets or bags makes a clear statement: I am a local, and one who knows what’s cool in town. Part of the appeal of this leather work studio is that it started years ago on a corner of the Glockenbach and sold its wares directly out of the workshop, which is on full display through the plate glass windows of the storefront. You can see the designers and craftswomen creating the items as you walk by. Not only can you order a wallet or purse with custom colors for the leather and zippers, Caroline Antonetty and her team also make jackets, belts and other accessories to order.

Little known fact (at least to me, anyway) According to my husband, the woman who runs it is Canadian.

More info and pix hier, hier and hier (under Shops > Accessories).

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One thought on “Christmas Loot – Antonetty

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