I can’t resist a good home wares store. Munich offers a lot in the way of modern, modern organic, urban and, to some degree, vintage home interior options, but what I often find lacking is ethnic home furnishing items. When I travel I try to load up as much as I can on local crafts like textiles, baskets and rugs.

So even though I was in a rush, I was lured into the warm but bright tones of Kadoh yesterday. It had been awhile since I’d popped in and the inventory has grown impressively.

Beyond tons of Indian paper lanterns (my usual Kadoh purchase), the store was filled with Oaxacan (?) hammered tin boxes and Christmas ornaments, handmade crocheted blankets, textiles, chunky bead jewelry, Vietnamese rice baskets and tons more. One more excuse to hit Sendlingerstrasse more often.

Posted by:eleanormayrhofer

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