Cafe Flair in Haidhausen, Munich, Germany

Expect to hear a lot about Haidhausen in upcoming posts. I recently decided to get out of the house and found a gemeinschaftsbüro (shared working space) on Pariserstrasse between Pariserplatz and Wörthstrasse.

My old day job was in Haidhausen, so the neighborhood is not new to me, but I usually haunted the portion west of Weißenburgerplatz, so hanging out around Pariserplatz during the day is a bit on the new side.

So far, my main observation is: boy is it lively! Although, I guess what can I expect when I’ve been working from home for the last several years?

Today, I ventured outside of the office looking for sustenance. My decision was made when I spotted two small but inviting tables sitting outside of Cafe Flair.  I ordered a salad and apfelschorle (original, I know). I liked that the apple schorle was served in glass goblet, and that my salad was reasonably priced and did the trick.

While I was eating, a parade of kids, moms pushing strollers, dogs and pedestrians passed by. A kindly gentleman wished me a ‘Guten Apetit’ as he strolled along.

After eavesdropping on the owner chatting with the other customers, I realized his specialties are drinks: hausgemachte teas and smoothies.  The customer who had ordered a cranberry iced tea could not stop oohing and ahhing. I’ll have to order that next time.

Cafe Flair
Sedanstr. 39

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