Despite the occasional stau, perfect weather and a good stimmung (mood) made the Radlnacht a lot of fun.The best thing? No sign-up or Anmeldung, just showing up the right time and heading out.

Waiting for the start (to the sound of a live Brazilian-style drummers.)

A few of our friends declined to join because they were worried it was going to be wild, dangerous chaos. This is about as disorderly as it got (Come on, man – how rowdy can a bunch of Germans on bicycles get?)

Riding through the Altstadt ring tunnel…whee!


I thought the logo for ‘Radlstadt München’ was pretty clever, See, the bike frame is an ‘M’ for ‘Münich’ get it… heh.

Some of the local color. There was also a guy rolling along and playing an accordion, sadly we didn’t manage to get a picture. One more reason to go again next year.

Comin’ around the bend at Hackerbrücke.

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