After unwittingly kicking up a micro fuss with this post about there not being enough places for creative people to work and meet in Munich, it was an especially good thing that I participated in Kreativ-Wirtschaften: Netzwerker-Treffen Bayern during Munich Creative Business Week.

The last panel was a discussion focusing on how to encourage and cultivate a creative culture in Munich. One panelist (the owner of Feierwerk, I think) put it perfectly: ‘Raüme, Raüme, Raüme‘ spaces, spaces, spaces. Freakin’ stimmt, man.

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By the end of the talk I learned that Jutier and Tonnenhalle at Leonradplatz (above) is up for grabs (kind of). Over 200,000 square meters of the old structures are going to be used for not only 900 apartments BUT also for some sort of creative space. What kind? well that’s to be determined, and determined by der Bevölkerung und mit Hilfe des Kunst- und Kreativpotentials dieser Stadt; the people with help from the artistic and creative potential of the city. If that describes you, attend the public hearing which takes place on Mittwoch, February 29th at 18:00.

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