Since I’ve lived here, I’ve had about a skajillion ideas for businesses that I think would flourish in Munich. Why not catalog those ideas here so some enterprising Münchner can take some of these passing thoughts and run with them. Leute, I give you a new series here at Wahlmuc: Munich Business Ideas!

The inaugural idea is for a home pick-up laundry service. Years ago when I moved here, I found getting my laundry done to be a huge ordeal (I didn’t have a washing machine at the time). I longed for a San Francisco style laundromat like Brainwash. I noticed awhile ago that there is a Wash & Coffee nearby on Klenzestrasse, about 10 years too late for my needs; late than never I suppose, but I do have to say: just one?!

I’ve moved up in the world, and now have my own washing machine, but that has yielded a new problem. Washing in summer is fine when you can hang all of your stuff out on the balcony or set it out on a terrace, but now that winter is coming all of the wash has to dry inside. Sometimes I just can’t stand it anymore, I hate having our apartment feel like an early 20th century Brooklyn-style tenement with the wash hanging around all the time! What to do?

I want a Biokisten-style laundry service, that comes to my doorstep, picks up all of our stuff and brings it back washed, dried and folded. To be fair, I have Googled and found two. I’m a little skeptical because this one has a website that does not instill confidence and this one looks okay, but I would like a little more…I don’t know, sophisticated branding. I guess I’m being a bit of a website snob.

Stay tuned, maybe this idea will be struck off the list!…but I’ve got plenty more!

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4 replies on “Munich Business Ideas: Home Pick-up Laundry Service

  1. Hi Eleanor,we´re proud to be named in your blog. Thanks for that!YES, you´re right our old Homepage looks let us say ugly – but this days I´m working hard to improve it.Feel free to give me feedback (especially on the english part). There are any more information Wahlmünchner require? ; PCheers,FlorianP.S.: Feel also free to visit our Laundromats in Munich.

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