I was lucky to have an announcement land in my inbox last week from Benjy Barnhart about Kunst in Sendling. I had no idea this was going on, and Sendling has been coming up in conversation a lot, so I jumped on a Call-A-Bike and pedalled on down last Sunday.

I like art and all, but a larger motivation for me to check out these open atelier events is that it allows me a legitimate way to indulge my inner lookie loo. There are so many interesting nooks, crannies and spaces in the city that one usually doesn’t have access to except for at happenings like these.


This wall is actually the remnants of a large baking oven that serviced the top of the building which used to be an Italian restaurant.


This was a breathtaking attic space that the artist used to house his work and installations. You had to go up 5 flights of stairs and I almost turned back half way – I’m glad I didn’t! Who knew these kinds of spaces existed in the city!

There is also a lot of buzz that Sendling is going to be the next Glockenbachviertel (what neighborhood isn’t going to!) So I wanted to walk around and get a feel for the vibe. It is charming and sweet, and I’ll definitely have to put it on the list for a neighborhood guide.


Some of the work that left the biggest impression on me were Armin Prey’s provocative paintings, Fred Krueger’s jarring portraiture (see below) which mixed an otherworldly space age sensibility with renaissance styles and compositions (I can’t believe these people don’t have websites!)


Margit Memminger’s organic abstract paintings, I also absoutely loved Wilfried Petzi’s photographs of musicians and DJs.

So glad I went!

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