I know that it is Wiesn, and that I should probably be writing about that. But there will be another one next year. The thing I want to talk about today is one of the most exciting events to happen in Munich in years, YEARS! If you ask me.

Last night, when going through my snail mail backlog, I opened an envelope from the city and was greeted with this treat of a brochure. The Wertstoffmobile is comin’ to town! Testlauf starts about now! For anyone who has cleaned out their kellerabteil, and collected a pile of stuff like old dustbusters, radios or hard disks and not felt good about throwing it in the trash, but felt equally bad about keeping a pile of junk around, you know how exciting this is.

You no longer have to make that bi-annual trip to the Wertstoffhof out in the middle of nowhere (well, actually you still do for the bigger stuff.) Now the Wertstoffmobile is coming to a neighborhood near you! I have set the date on my calendar for when it comes to us (19 Oktober, if anyone cares) It will be right by Cafe Hüller and I plan to have a celebratory brunch after I offload our junk.

Anyone care to join me?…perhaps I’ll give it a name…’Dump und Brunch’….’Dumpen und Brunchen’…’Dumpen und Brunchen in Munchen’….

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One thought on “BREAKING NEWS! Wertstoffmobile Starts This Week!

  1. Hi Eleanor, Do you Know where i can get that info? I Hope they come to Lehel, if not I may just join you for ” dump and Brunch” !Cheers,Anna

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