Munich is Moncole Magazine's Most Liveable City of 2010
I came across this short film about Munich while looking for a link for the Guide that I’m working on for Design Sponge. I knew that in 2007 Monocle Magazine had named Munich it’s most liveable city, but I didn’t know we won again in 2010.

I just spent the weekend in Berlin for the totally incredible Hello Etsy! conference. Yes Berlin is an entire order of magnitude cooler than Munich, yes there is tons more sub-culture up there and yes Berlin is just where it’s at.

But! Once again, I was really happy to come back to Munich, which feels like a lush garden of Eden in comparison to the in your face grittiness of Berlin. Watching this film gave me a little boost and reminded me why I’m so happy to live here.

There were also some interesting facts in it that I didn’t realize. For example, Munich was more or less a sleepy agricultural town until the 60s (that helps explain it’s reputation.) Eight to ten years ago, the city’s leaders realized that Munich not having any sub-culture was a problem – ‘All of zee kool keeds, zey are moving to Berleen!’ – and took steps to address the balance in order to lure and maintain some of the creative class here, like lowering rents (uh, really?)

Anyway, it’s a Euro-cool, snazzy, jazzy little 7 minute film that’s fun to watch.

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