I recently pitched Design*Sponge to write their Munich City guide, since I noticed they didn’t have one. Much to my delight, Grace Bonney, the editor, accepted! I’ve put together a list of all of the places I think should go in. Each neighborhood should have a list of at least one cafe, restaurant and shop or cultural spot, and the focus should be on places that lean towards ‘Indie’.

Here is my list so far:


Magazin (Home Furnishing)

Kustermann (Home Furnishing, historical, family owned Munich store)

Viktualienmarkt (highlight certain stands; soup place, sandwich/cheese place, fisch witte, middle-eastern place)

Böhmler in Tal (Modern, drool worthy furniture)

Obacht (Modern Bavaria Kitsch)

Manufaktur (gourmet items, furnishings)

Dallmayr (Munich institution)

Kunsthalle der Hypo-Kulturstiftung (Museum)

Cortina (Hotel and Bar)

Bar Centrale (Bar)

Shuhbecks Gewurzladen (?)

Shuhbecks Eis (?)

L&I (Restaurant)

Last Supper (Restaurant)


Thiersch 15 (Home Furnishing)

Haus der Kunst (Museum)

Nage und Sauge (Restaurant)

Le Barestovino (French Restaurant and Winebar)

La Stanza (Restaurant/Bar)

Gandl (Restaurant)

Roosevelt (Cocktail Bar)

River Surfing Spot

Frau Grüne Eis (new renovated Häusl bei Surfing spot)


NoMiya (Restaurant)

Lollo Rosso (Restaurant)

Negroni (Bar)

Zum Closter (Restaurant)

Bindwerk (Arts/Bookbindery/paper goods)

Wisengrund (Restaurant/Bar)

Wein Cantina (Wine Bar/Restaurant)

1260 Grad (Culture/Art/Ceramics/Home/Shop)

Café Fortuna (Café)

Maria Passagne (Bar)

Wölfl Konditorei (Traditional Cake Place)

Hofbräukeler Biergarten

Muffathalle Biergarten

Muffathalle (Ampere, concerts, clubs)

Isarvorstadt-Ludwigvorstadt (Sendling?)

Café Beethoven (Live Jazz, Brunch)

Café Mozart (Hipster Bar/Café)

Art Babel (new Puerto Giesing/Artists space)

Valentinstuberl (Bar)




Österia (Restaurant)

Volksbad (Cultural)

Le Fetteria (Restaurant)

Schyrenbad (Cultural/Relax)

New hipster bar/restaurant across from Schyrenbad (Charlie Something…)

Café Hüller (Café)

Schwarze Hahn (Grunge Bar)

Auer Dult (Seasonal)

Deutsches Museum (?)


Jesas (Artisianal Hipster Gelato)

Mid-Century furniture place on Baaderstr. (Furniture)

SamsnSon (Vintage furniture)

Vintage furniture place on Reichenbachstr.

Delikatessen (vintage and modern furniture)

Trachtenvogl (Café and Bar)

Vier Werkstatten (Crafts/Shopping)

Rice (Restaurant)

Hey Luigi (Restaurant)

Café am Hochhaus (nightclub)

Bar Josef (Joseph?)

Maria (Restaurant/Breakfast/Brunch)

Baader Café (Restaurant/Breakfast/Brunch/Bar/Café)

Götterspeise (Café, chocolate and confectionary shop)

Café Aroma (Café/Breakfast)

Bar Corso (Bar/Restaurant)

Hoover and Floyd (Café/Bar)

Café Pini (Café/Breakfast)

Bergwolf (Late night fries)

Gärtnerplatz (Cultural, hang out spot)

Kleinschmidtz (Restaurant/Wine)

Zappeforster (Restaurant/Cafe)

Max Vorstadt

Jasmin Café (Café/Bar)

Pinakothek der Modern (Museum)

Horst Brand (Architecture/Museum)

Lenbach Haus (Museum)

Bahil Bahia (Gelato)


Le Sud (?)

Furniture place on Hohenzollnerstr.

BMW Museum (Architecture/museum, Nord Schwabing)

Max Emanuel Biergarten (or is this Max Vorstadt)


Kongressbar (If visiting Oktoberfest leaves you needing a drink….)

Café Josepha

Das Neue Kubitscheck (Café)


Taxis Garten (Biergarten)

Rufini (Café/Wine)

Sarcletti (Gelato)

Englische Garten

Surfing Spot


Fr. Gruneis


Note it’s very thin on Schwabing, Westend and Neuhausen, three neighborhoods I rarely visit! I am happily entertaining any and all suggestions. Special thanks to Emily, my fellow expat, Wahlmünchnerin and internet buddy who had the same idea and is helping me put this together…

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5 replies on “Best (Indie) Spots in Munich

  1. Great List and thanks for including Art Babel (we are in Mavorstadt btw)! Some places that come to my mind: Import Export (Ludwigvorstadt), Corleone (Ludwigvorstadt), lothringer13/halle and lothringer13/laden (Haidhausen), Ca Va (Westend), Kunstverein (Altstadt), Kunstraum (Glockenbach), Raum58 (Westend), Marais (Westend), Cafe Schau ma moi (Giesing), Kaffee Fausto (Giesing), Baarer 61 (Maxvostadt), Königin 43 (Maxvostadt), Das Klohäuschen (Sendling), Stemmerhof (Sendling)

  2. Love your guide! We will be in Munich in late November– I can't figure out the neighborhoods, can you let me know which neighborhood you have listed will be closest to our hotel, the Rocco Charles? Also, any xmas markets you would recommend that have interesting craftsy things? Thanks!!

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