Möbel in München

Whenever we need something for the apartment, it’s hard to resist the impulse to reach for the IKEA catalog. It’s easier to get a car and make one trip to the giant blue box where everything is under one roof, moderately well designed and cheap.

But then your entire living space is filled with the same Ikea junk that fills every other apartment in Europe. Nein, Danke.

The list below are places I shop (or aspire to one day shop at) when I want to get furniture that is inspired and interesting, rather than just cheap and easy. My taste leans towards the modern and ecclectic, and this list reflects that. Feel free to add some of your favorites in the comments. One of the reasons I started this blog is to document all my knowledge of Munich in one central, public space for both myself and others to reference.

Magazin – Nice selection of modern furniture, lighting and accessories in the Funf Höfe

Delikatessen – Mixture of vintage and modern lighting and tables. Another store with no website, come on people!

Thiersch 15 – Beautiful selection of modern furniture in Lehel. Lots of German design.

Sit & Sleep – Interesting alternative to BoConcept and not as pricey as Ligne Roset

Abovo – Small but nice collection of modern lighting, seating and sofas and home accessories. I don’t know if it’s true, but I’ve heard an American woman owns this store.

Sams & Son – All vintage stuff, now mostly suitcases and items like old apothecary cases, wood type and the like. They used to have more general furniture items, but still a good place to pop into from time to time. I just found out they also have a Facebook Page (but they haven’t posted anything since June)

Muji – A chain, but still good for storage and dishware and a convenient alternative to Ikea.

Kokon Lifestyle Haus – Good for linens and garden ware, with an emphasis on ethnic and Asian decor.

Böhmler in Tal – One day. One day. Really expensive, but really beautiful mostly modern furniture for every part of the home. Warning, their website has music on it, which sort of detracts from their otherwise classy brand.

Manufaktum – Mix of home, garden and cooking ware. Some interesting vintage-inspired pieces.

Kustermann – Not a furniture store per se, but lots of dishware, some garden furniture, cookware and bathroom items. A private, family owned Munich institution. Warning: You can easily spend five hours browsing all the goodies here when all you meant to buy was a light bulb.

Vier Werkstatten – Lighting and small dishware and home items made by local artisans. Shockingly, they don’t have a website.

Fermob – After Daft Punk, this outdoor and garden furniture is one of the best things to come out of France in a long time.

Photos from Thiersch 15, Böhmler in Tal and Mux.de.

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