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In the late nineties, when I moved to Munich, it like many big cities, was in the full grip of the dotcom boom. There were a lot of expats in town working for start-ups and enjoying all that life in the Bavarian Hauptstadt had to offer.

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The guidebook for locals at the time was a book called ‘Groovy Munich’. It was written by a Parisian and a Brit, one of whom worked at a software company and the other in the mobile industry.

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I can’t bring myself to get rid of the book, even though a lot of the places it reviews don’t even exist anymore (there is an entire section dedicated to Kunstpark Ost.) Somehow flipping through it’s pages makes me nostalgic for my early days here, when each excursion to a new part of the city, restaurant or bar was new and exciting and something to discover. Of course I still enjoy the city and new discoveries all the time, but now that I’ve been here so long, nothing quite compares to those early days when I was getting to know the ‘lay of the land’ and it seemed that every weekend entirely new worlds were revealed.

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