There is a slightly hidden corner of Haidhausen, right off Bordeauxplatz that I always forget about, which is silly because it is full of hidden gems, one of which is Wiesengrund. A small intimate place to have a good meal or a nice regional glass of wine, Wiesengrund is low key and has a bit of French flair to it. It might not be the place to have a romantic dinner, but it’s a good place to meet a friend for a good meal and a nice long, leisurely conversation.


The Menu changes regularly, and you may wait a bit longer than usual for your food, but it is always fresh and excellently prepared. Expect anything from to seasonal trout, to white asparagus to pasta. As mentioned the wine and beer menu is very extensive and they also have multiple brands of Pastis on offer (perhaps that’s why I always think ‘France’ when I’m there).


Some more pix from my Flickr set, here.

Elsässerstr. 22
Haidhuasen, München
Tel.: 089-448 94 50
Mo – So 18:00 – 01:00

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