Kunst im Karée 2011

For the last eight years, the design agency 84GHz has been producing an event called Kunst im Karée in which artists in the Maxvorstadt and Schwabing neighborhoods make their ateliers and work spaces available fora two-day open house.

To be totally honest, my real motivation for going was for seeing the spaces more than the art or to meet the artists (though that was quite interesting as well.) Often on my wanderings through town, I’ll catch a glimpse of a Ruckgebäude (back building) or I’ll come across an open Haus door revealing a hidden and unexpected lush garden Hof. This always piques my curiosity about all the s hidden spaces in the city.

The Kunst im Karée event provide me with a legitimate opportunity to unleash my inner looky-loo. In spite of some rain, I was able to visit quite a few, but I wasn’t so good about getting pictures. Many of the artists are (understandably) not keen on having pictures taken in their spaces. I realized I need a spiel about why I want the pictures, which I found myself getting suddenly shy and tongue tied about, as well as some business cards and Wahlmünchnerin info cards. Next year.

More images in Flickr here.

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