People were standing in front of the theater with signs begging for tickets. ‘Wow, this is the hottest ticket in town’ my friend said ‘That’s right! Stick with me sister if you want to know what is going on!‘ The truth is, I really hate to leave my apartment, but the minute I saw the one-night-in-Munich-only poster for Chilly Gonzales‘ ‘Now Infamous Piano Talk Show’ I knew I was going.

Boy am I glad I did. I haven’t been to a show this good in years, YEARS! I had no idea what to expect. I only knew that the first time I heard ‘Higher than You’ I thought ‘Who is this genius?’ I later watched him flirt with and simultaneously give Charlotte Roche on Viva a hard time and I decided I must find out more about this Chilly character.

The show was a mix of Gonzo tickling the ivories (there was also a lot of pounding the ivories, but all very artfully) A showman of immense talent, Chilly also talks a lot of amusing shit which, coupled with his very real talent, made for a riveting, inspiring, hilarious and impressive two hours.

He complimented the audience for being sophisticated enough to enjoy a ‘Luxury Brand’ like Chilly Gonzales, then chided us for not appreciating the simple arrangement of his song that was on the iPad commercial commenting that “Chilly Gonzales is the Motherfuckin’ iPad.” He waxed philosophic on how rap is the music of our time, and if you don’t like rap, you don’t like our time. You are simply not modern. He indulged in a friendly rivalry with Helge Schneider, who apparently was in the house, “Is your creativity so great it can’t be contained in the Keyboard?!”

The show finished to a standing ovation and several encores.

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