Some time last year, My husband came home and almost breathlessly told me about this little Thai place that was teeny, had food just like he’d tasted in Thailand and was totally hiddendown a driveway off of Rosenheimerstrasse. It was so great that they had some meals on the menu that they would politely try to discourage Germans from ordering them ‘Oh, That’s for Thai People, perhaps you’d like something else?‘ They weren’t kidding, an adventurous friend of ours insisted on what must have surely been a super-authentic Thai dish, and he got it – chicken neck bones and all!

My husband finally dragged me to this bonafide Siamese hole in the wall, and it did not disappoint (although I obeyed orders and did not order anything betters suited for non-Thai people.) The curry I ordered was excellent and cheap, different (and better) from anything I’d tasted in some of the Thai restaurants in town, and heads and shoulders above the wretched ‘Asia Imbisses’ that pepper the city although on par in size and price.

For several months, much to the horror of everyone in the neighborhood, the restaurant closed for ‘remodeling’. What remodeling apparently meant was a move onto Rosenheimerstrasse proper. It’s been open again for a few months and I’m not completely destroying it’s status as a ‘secret gem for insiders’ Toytown has been abalaze about it for sometime now. It’s an otherwise unforgettable stretch of the street, between Rosenheimerplatz and Motorama, and it’s still teeny.
Pretty much anything you order will be delicious and cheap (€ 5-7 per dish) The only ‘Sweet’ I’ve had so far is the small, delicate dish of coconut cream on some some sort of sweetish paste; I usually don’t like those kinds of things, but even that’s good here.

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