One of the great things about my old day job was where it was located, right at the edge of the best part of Haidhausen. I spent many a lunch break wandering through the neighborhood admiring all of the Altbaus that survived the war, and popping into many of the boutiques and ateliers that lined the side streets.

One of my favorite haunts was (and still is) 1260 Grad. A small Ceramic studio run by a woman named Petra Fischer. She makes gorgeous pottery and walking into her small boutique is, for me, freude pur. I loved to walk in to admire her artistry, so thoughtfully set up, ‘Someday, someday’, I would think. So when we got married, I knew immediately where we were registering. Even though that doesn’t seem to be such a common practice in Germany, Petra knew what to do and worked with us to custom make a set of dishes in just the color combination we wanted.

She also makes lots of smaller goodies like soap dishes and chopstick stands. It’s a great place to shop for gifts, or just to pop in for a look and to be inspired.

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