Last Sunday we decided to start the day with a little of the old – A Steckrlfisch at the Auer Dult, and end it with a little of the new, visiting the final day of the UAMO Festival (Urban Art and Media Organization) at Puerto Geising. I had just recently heard of both the UAMO Festival and of Puerto Geising and I wanted to check them both out, mostly to see what Munich’s ‘counter culture’ scene, no matter how microscopic, has to offer.

Let’s just say the show was heavy on the ‘Nonsens’ part. Well, not really, I just wanted to make that joke. I will say that there was pretty much mostly what one would expect at these sorts of events, a smattering of high-concept, occasionally disturbing art, icons of globalization displayed in compromising positions punctuated with traditional media art executed with serious technical skill. Some of it provocative and intriguing, some of it not.

The best part, however, was the ‘Kunstschlact‘ at the end, in the untergeschoss. Visitors were asked to provide themes beforehand, and a bit later four local artists had to turn 3 selected themes (dug out of a bucket from one of the many children in attendance) into art. In each of the three rounds the artists were required to used pre-selected media, the most frustrating of which was condiments (ketchup, mayo, te and whipped cream) What was most interesting to me was that the guy who did best and identified himself as ‘Rob Boss’ (it took us a while to get it: ahh Bob Ross! That’s why he’s wearing the wig!) and the bottom line is is that Mr. Boss was simply quick on his feet and had considerable technical skill as an artist. In spite of the ‘Konsens Nonsens’ theme, his works were the most literally translated of the three themes, and the ones the crowd responded to the most. Since the crowd was the jury, Rob sailed to victory rousing the crowd to it’s feet with his furious, sweaty completion of a 3D Currywurst made in just under 20 minutes!

See more on Flickr here.

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