Dear Catherine,
What do you call ‘Allspice’ in German, and where can I buy it in Munich?

Desperate in der Küche


Dear Desperate,

Contrary to what the name “Allspice” suggests, it is not a mixture of spices, but rather the dried berries from the Pimenta Dioica plant.
Allspice is used primarily for cakes and other desserts in the US and UK. You won’t find it in most household kitchens here, which makes it that much more surprising that Germany is one of the primary consumers of Allspice. It’s in the wurst! And Lebkuchen at Christmas time.

But some cooks must be using it, because “Piment” is readily available at neighborhood grocery stores such as Tengelmann’s or Edeka–just look in the spice section. It is available as either “ganz” or “gemahlen” (whole or ground). If you want a fancy shopping environment (at a fancier price), Schubeck’s Gewürze Laden will have not only Piment, but also 99 other spices. Located at either Marienplatz Kaufhof (ground floor entrance in the inner courtyard) or Am Platzl 4a (near Hofbräuhaus).

Good luck!
Catherine G. also known as ‘The Woman Who Knows Everything’ is a regular Wahlmünchnerin contributor. In her column she shares her expert knowledge on life in Munich and Germany based on over 12 years of living here, and disgustingly good mastery of the German language.

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